Monday, February 28, 2011

sHopPing Spreeeee......

SHOPPING is the most crucial, excruciating, dangerous, and also, soothing. i can't imagine world without the word "shop" and "shopping". of course when we talk about shopping first come to mind is.......FASHION!!!

fashion is all about investment. when you buy something it should worth a hundred years more. it would be waste when you buy a dress as example, and you wore that dress to a dinner, do that dress make you at least "eye catcher" for the night, if not, don't buy it, because you will not ever wear it again after that....

same goes to a men when buying shirts. maybe it took less time than women buying their toothbrush, but it means you need that shirts. WHY???? a big question, to all people over the world, and if you are not asking that should!

here are some tips to be thinks of when you shops which i can share even though i'm not a fashion critics;

1) always make sure that the things you buy worthy. it can be waste if you just think it is nice, beautiful but not when you wear it!!

2) always ask "is this heel matching with my shirts?" or maybe "do i have dress with this color?" or, "is it matching with my eyes". you know the fact that matching every clothes is crucial, so do match! but remember, matching is not when you buy all clothes, bag, heels, and sunglasses with the same color. what important is, the combination of your clothes is fine, it should be fine for others.

3) stop doubting!!! friends sometimes could be helpful but sometimes they are not! always ask for opinion but never let them make the decision. you will regret it!! believe me!!

4) last but not least, don't ever buy things that you similarly have in possession. buy something different. don't worry of making a wrong decision, everybody does that, even victoria beckham does that...

so, shop wisely and nerver regret, because they are no turning back in fashion.

P/S : money can't never last!!! shops now!!! adios.... XOXO...

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